Data visibility

Releasing hidden power

Business data provides a clear understanding of project progress, how budgets are being managed and allocated, where potential risks are before they become critical, and how best to serve customers. 


A bird’s eye view


Data visibility provides a better understanding of the ways in which resources are being used and the impact of projects as they’re being worked on. Should the project run into a problem, data visibility facilitates agile decisions. Being able to access the appropriate project data as and when it is needed allows managers to identify potential risks and adjust the plan accordingly. This helps to keep the project within the agreed timescale and budget. 

Smart decisions


Seeing the full picture, understanding the full range of options and having immediate access to information enables decision making. In order to make informed decisions, business leaders must have confidence that the information is accurate, protected, and ready for analysis. Well-managed and constructed data visibility solutions keep track of all financial obligations, team performances and resource allocation.




Businesses working on complex projects often face frustrations among their teams over a lack of transparency or visibility across projects. Data visibility is the foundation for creating in-depth and real-time data analysis for project in progress. This allows teams to work efficiently and effectively. It is vital when talent is spread across different projects to see how resources are being deployed over time. With the right range and depth of information, data visibility encourages collaboration and increases project success rates. 



Data visibility is at the core of a security strategy. Understanding where a business may be potentially open to breaches of security allows it to be better protected. Improved visibility uncovers blind spots and weaknesses, allowing leaders to reclaim control before coverage is put to the test. It also shows how data is being accessed or changed, reducing the likelihood of data corruption. 

Effective communication with real-time updates supports transparency and builds trust between partners and stakeholders. FinRev+ can harness the power of data to remove silo-thinking, reduce friction and build agile and responsive teams. 

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