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A start-up company, focusing on supplying the renewable energy industry, wanted to become established and increase its customer base. We provided consultancy on what was needed for a challenger company to break into the market. We conducted a thorough scoping process, gathering feedback from customers and analysing the industry for benchmarking. We also looked at other engineering industries to find learning points we could use as best practice. The brief centred on creating and establishing a new identity, and providing outstanding customer experience which would build the client base quickly.


Renewable Energy


Web Design
Social Media Integration

Technology to support

We advised on the most suitable and cost effective technology. From numerous software options, we chose those which would give the best ROI and take the company forward.  Improved technology enabled operational efficiency, cost savings and more orders to be processed with accuracy and speed.

Establishing identity

From scratch, our team undertook a branding exercise to establish the brand values, personality and visual look. We built on this by producing a new website, and digital promotional materials- including brochures and catalogues. Mapping the customer journey, we tightened the process to ensure it was seamless and client-centric.


Minimal Design

Responsive Technology

Social Media Integration

Technology research

Software to support the business and provide an outstanding user experience.

Challenging competitors

A fresh, dynamic brand ready to enter the market and challenge the existing dominant companies.

New opportunities

Sustained increase of the order book & revenue allows the business to maintain continual growth.

Our brand specialists can help build energy brands that stand out in the crowd, cut through the noise, and attract new customers with a strong brand proposition. We’re working with brands like Bloomiles to maximise their potential.

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