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TrigPoint Blue started as a small business in 2013 but very quickly moved into the international arena serving clients globally. On top of dealing with a merger and rebrand there were other challenges to be addressed. The business suffered from the unavoidable inefficiencies that come with organic growth. Many of its customers engaged with the business for just one service among the many the business could offer. The customers were rarely aware of other services, and our client lacked an efficient way of cross-selling and talking to customers across divisions.


Software Engineering


Web Design
Social Media

Leading the way

Vision & strategy

We prompted our client’s software engineers to dig deeper so they could outpace the competition with an integrated approach that connects goals, insights and visionary thinking. Workshops with the team allowed us to efficiently gather information to collate it into workable formats.

Fresh value proposition

Our strategic sessions allowed TrigPoint Blue to evolve and build a new digital value proposition. This strategy was a vital part of the process to ensure the brand was streamlined, relevant and interactive for all audiences and provided benchmarks to measure against.

Clear roadmap

We mapped the customer journey from start to finish, identifying areas with potential for adopting digital technology.  Improving communications with technology and operational efficiencies allowed the team to improve on user experience and business development.

Digital communication

A key priority was managing a merger our client went through. Audience profiles and user journeys were created to further develop the site requirements. We took the new value proposition, and used this as a basis to build a new user-friendly website.

Working closely with our client, we created a website full of information on the services and solutions the business offers, as well as useful resources on the industries with which it works.

Social media

integration & management

A user-focused website that works perfectly on any device was integrated with social media platforms providing useful insights. Since then, our fast-moving, collaborative and proactive approach has helped grow the online presence.

Simultaneously, a content plan was being created, utilising social media and email campaigns. The creative work our team provided gave our client the resources needed to get the message of the augmented company across.

The new website became a platform for change, helping our client’s team to shift their mindset and sell a wider range of services.

The result

Results so far have included increased turnover as our client attracted larger clients and successfully won bigger projects.  There has also been a reduction of indirect costs, improved customer engagement and a significant improvement in digital communication.

We allowed our client to understand audience behaviour, deliver the right message to cross-sell, up-sell, create post-sale journeys and positively impact renewals and subscriptions. With the right digital platforms and user experience in place, EBITDA can easily multiply.

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