Case Study

raising business profile

Our client Hydro-C, an international procurement management company supplying the oil & gas industry, asked us to help them change their operations and raise their profile in order to tender for bigger contracts. We began the project with our tailored Explore the Future session to ensure the project would meet the company’s high aspirations.

Two key areas merged clearly as the focus; the technological profile of the business, and the profile of the brand and its ability to engage the target audience.


Logistics & Supply Chain



Our approach

Strategy & vision

The strategy was for the company to raise its profile, become a leading player in its industry, and access specific new markets.

Through a consultancy session, we learned about the business, assessed what was in place, and then identified enablers to close capability gaps.

There was huge potential to digitally evolve several areas of the business and make the CEO’s goals a reality. Our aim was to enhance collaboration between teams in offices around the world and allow rapid data sharing.

 Branding and Design

Through a brand workshops and industry research we defined unique selling points and developed a new visual language for the brand to simplify a complex message. Due to the fact this is an international business, it was vital that we create a flexible brand that could adapt to varied audiences. The identity and creative designs all aimed to resonate with the target markets.  The more corporate look gave the business the right profile to approach their ideal market.

Digital presence

Digital presence was surveyed, and gaps identified.  Social media was under-utilised, so we established a presence on relevant platforms and managed content creation to drive engagement and raise the profile of the company. Creating a mix of digital promotional assests made attending online conferences and exhibitions possible.


In order to meet the rigorous standards of the tendering process our client wanted to apply for, we had to improve the operational efficiency of the business. We reworked their processes for dealing with orders and tracking projects. We set up secure storage and file sharing, and tightened up their. We also sourced IT support that would provide them with the higher level of cover they needed going forward. Our project also increased operational efficiencies of the company.

Digital security

Target contracts required a high level of security and best practice procedures. Raising digital security to the highest possible level, including encryption, was our main priority. The company gained cyber security certification required for public sector contracts.  We then set up secure platforms for remote working systems and file sharing.

Simple & clear

From the sourcing of valve and pipes to the delivery of calibration services, Hydro-C’s range of services and activities is vast and communicating this across as a whole had become a challenge.

Grouping all services in to three core streams with each represented by an icon helped to provide a unified look and feel across all applications.

Social media

Integration & Management

From the first project, we followed up by taking on ownership, integration and management of social media platforms.

Our ongoing digital consultancy has covered ad-hoc campaigns and event support, as well as monthly engagement reports which provide real-time insight and actionable data.

Goals realised

Using digital enablers, we built solid foundations for business development and growth. Strong security in place opens the window of opportunities for public contracts.

We forged a new brand purpose that was brought to life through graphical assets. It encapsulates Hydro-C’s ability to understand the complexities of private & public sectors, in a way that is relevant to their individual clients and partners.

It also ensures audiences, old and new, envisage Hydro-C as a credible organisation with impressive experience and global reach.

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