Have print materials had their day?

We agree that in a digital era, digital marketing materials can be viewed by more people, they are much more cost effective, easy to edit, track and measure which works in your favour. However direct mail effectiveness smashes emails by 66% which proves that printed materials can still be a highly effective marketing tool. It all depends on your business needs and overall marketing strategy.

You must be wondering why a digital transformation agency even considers print?


Print may often be seen as a ‘traditional’ and outdated but we believe that an effective marketing strategy has a solid mix of well-designed print and digital materials. It is simply all about ‘why’; which option, if not both, will be more effective and will enable successful delivery of your message.

Printed marketing materials are the tangible assets like flyers, brochures, product catalogues, which can be added to your clients’ order or handed out during events to prospects and clients. Digital materials are all items that can be viewed from your desktop, tablet or mobile. From e-brochures, e-catalogues, websites articles, email marketing to social media ads. 

By bridging the gap between digital and print through cross media marketing strategy, you will be able to tailor your message to your prospects across more than one channel. Here at FinRev+, we believe the key to success is a strong plan, eye-catching design and consistency for all of your business materials. A well-planned design allows good understanding of your overall message. Without it, any marketing materials will have an opposite effect and rather attract clients, put them off. Clients may wonder if products or services offered by your business are of a high quality, if your promotional materials are not.

A good example of a ‘healthy balance’ where a mix can be introduced is an Open Day event. It is a very popular format for engineering sector businesses to engage with their prospects and current customer base.

To start a direct mailer would be send out with the event information included and the event personalised web page to allow RSVP. This would follow up with an email confirming their place with an option to share the event on social media. Sharing posts of, for example, a picture of well-designed materials like: wristbands or branded coffee cups, always helps to attract bigger audience and promote your event. Allowing your prospects to engage with your brand through both digital and printed materials increases your campaigns effectiveness.

It is always wise to make sure you include an even mix of professionally-designed materials. If you’re interested in learning more about well-planned promotions contact us or visit Our Work page to find out how we can help you with your marketing strategy and promotional materials.

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