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Hydro-C : Exceeding Limits. Pushing Horizons

Through a brand workshops and industry research we defined unique selling points and developed a new visual language for the brand to simplify a complex message. Due to the fact this is an international business, it was vital that we create a flexible brand that could adapt to varied audiences. The identity and creative designs all aimed to resonate with the target markets.  The more corporate look gave the business the right profile to approach their ideal market.
Laptop displaying promotional presentation designed for an oil and gas company
Mobile phone screen displaying social media LinkedIn page designed for an oil and gas company

The strategy was for the company to raise its profile, become a leading player in its industry and access specific new markets. There was huge potential to digitally evolve the brand and make the CEO’s goals a reality.

Digital presence was surveyed, and gaps identified.  Social media was under-utilised, so we established a presence on relevant platforms and created content to drive engagement and raise the profile of the company. Creating a mix of digital promotional assets made attending online conferences and exhibitions possible.

Tablet screen displaying a website, and mobile phone screen displaying a social media page for an oil and gas company
Glossy promotional brochure produced for a procurement business
A branded digital banner stand for an online exhibition

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