Compliance and risk management
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Simplify & manage

Simplify financial audits, manage segregation of duties, stay compliant, and mitigate the risk of fraud using one solution.

Streamline & automate

Integrate SOFSEK with your business systems to automate workflows and provide a seamless experience. 

Effective & efficient

Provide your peers with a forensic data analysis report and help your organisation streamline its processes.

Mitigate risks
and stay compliant

The access management and fraud prevention solution SOFSEK enables you to quickly identify and solve SOD conflicts and policy violations, creating a more compliant and robust business environment.

It provides actionable information about high-risk areas, keeps you continuously informed, and puts you in effective control. SOFSEK allows swift management of permissions and access to business systems.


Continuously monitors the permission landscape and alerts on any violations of security policies and potentially unwanted suspicious activity often missed by traditional business systems.


Offers an effective forensic analysis of an issue and helps with the early detection of internal process failures in key business systems.


Ensures auditors or governing bodies receive objective and accurate information regarding company performance on risks faced by the firm and the adequacy of its systems and processes.


Precludes combinations of roles that could facilitate fraud or embezzlement

Rules management

Monitor your authorisation landscape and remediate any violations of your security policy.


Register all roles within your organisation and simulate different scenarios to identify potential conflicts.


Integrate our solution with any ERP and other systems to automate your joiner and leaver processes.

No more spreadsheets
and manual reconciliation

Managing access to business information without the right solution is complex and time-consuming because access requirements change frequently.

SOFSEK puts business units in control, taking it away from the IT department. It allows you to manage access to your systems and take action when conflicts arise. SOFSEK assists you to solve Segregation of Duties conflicts to create a more compliant and robust business. 

Easy to navigate
using dashboards

View all the possibilities where conflicts may arise if you change or add more responsibilities to a role. Using SOFSEK you gain full information visibility across your organisation, no matter the number of locations or branches.

This will allow you to set up a Segregation of Duties management plan, which in turn leads to improvements in business processes, better performance, and more efficient costings.

Improve and
optimise your processes

Our consultant can engage with you without any delay, not affecting your other contractual engagements, to review, design & implement access and security policies.

We start with an in-depth audit and forensic analysis of your roles permissions setup, collated in one report.  Helping you to manage access to data, protect sensitive information to reduce the risk of fraud so you can benefit from cost reduction and improved decision-making.

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