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Written By FinRev Team

Feb 17, 2021

The visual world and how we live

We are buying more online.  Globally, there are as many as 1.5 billion people shopping online. This is a huge number of potential buyers, but how easy is it to convince them to buy from you? With more and more businesses selling online every day, it is an intensely competitive market. Our world is also increasingly visual.  Visual content is often the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.  Analysis shows that our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to it is visual.

Creating visual content

Engineering businesses looking to succeed in the online world must create relevant visual content to attract a broader audience of the right profile. This begins with an integrated digital marketing strategy in order to identify relevant opportunities for a brand to use visual content. Businesses embracing visual content gain new followers, clients, leads and higher revenues.  The next step is crafting visual content with utility and impact.  This could include photography, video, graphics and animations. Another advantage of generating your own content rather than using stock images is that you have a fresh, authentic bank of material that can be applied to any print and digital materials.

Product photography that works

Product photography has a huge impact on buying behaviour and convincing consumers to buy your products and services.  High definition images are becoming standard on e-commerce websites, making products look better and generating more sales.  Customer-centric design anticipates consumer’s questions and makes sure they are answered in advance, and good visuals play a large role in this. The more product details customers can see, the easier you make their lives.  Customers want information at their fingertips, and the businesses that supply this will win more of their loyalty.

Emerging new technologies present opportunities for businesses to incorporate more visual content intelligence into their marketing planning. In today’s world, customers are looking for stimulating, interactive buying experiences. One way of delivering this is product photography that gives ability to turn products around in full 360° rotation. It brings images to life and gives the viewer additional confidence in your products. Businesses looking at ways to improve the return rates without raising costs are now focusing on 360° photography to allow their clients to make more informed purchases.

Data Insights

Technology also gives us insights into user experience and engagement, which can be used as feedback for assessing ROI.  The content of images can be analysed to better understand their impact on the business.  The analytics can for example, reveal what visitors to your product pages engaged with. This knowledge is vital to inform the development of future product models based on the popularity of the current range, and make real time procurement decisions depending on demand.

The social factor

Visual content also gets higher engagement on every social media platform. Your target audience will prefer video content than 700 words of text because it gives immediate access to information.  Adding visual content to your website or posting on social media platforms encourages people to share it and increases chances of engaging with your target audience. Retweeting, liking, or sharing other businesses’ posts creates community, shows interest, appreciation and also that you are collaborative. To improve your presence online, it’s important to adopt a strategy that will attract your consumers, help you to maintain a long lasting relationship with them and make you stand out.

Whether you need assistance with building a content strategy or producing visual content, we will meet your requirements. Thanks to our wide network of professional photographers and videographers, we can meet every brief in any location.

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