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Cloud technology, smart sensors, machine learning and advanced data analytics are transforming the way people work. We enable business & finance leaders to take advantage of digital technology to improve cross-functional relationships, customer satisfaction and drive process improvement and efficiencies.


Why was FinRev+ created?

an interview with CEO Rivana Mazerska


Engineering businesses need to navigate the digital revolution with all its potential and complexity, often lacking the right knowledge or resources to analyse the situation and deliver the best outcomes. I have experience working for engineering companies directly and within portfolio companies owned by investment firms.  This has given me the understanding of what’s required to take businesses to the next level by embracing opportunities offered by the digital era.


Why the engineering sector?


I have worked for engineering companies, and been a consultant to them. I am also the daughter and the wife of engineers- so I have deep inside knowledge of the challenges and aspirations of the sector. Having worked in Finance and IT roles on cross-company, multi-functional projects has allowed me to see the potential of using data, technology and talent in moving engineering businesses with the times. 

Can engineering excel in the digital era?


Emerging digital technologies have the ability to transform raw operational and asset data into actionable intelligence.
I facilitate businesses with multiple sites to exchange information and collaborate, consequently enabling the workforce to take the right actions at the right time. 

What’s your main point of focus?


Every project is different in size, scope, length and budget but it’s vital to see beyond that and concentrate on business benefits and value add. It is absolutely crucial that I help businesses to incorporate a digital strategy into their overall business strategy, to join all the dots and rebalance the business focus from concentrating on daily operations to long-term strategic planning.


A story of research

Workshops and market research revealed the unique market position for FinRev+ with a focus on building enduring relationships with people, both clients and partners. The ideas of, ‘adding value’ and ‘integration’ drove the new identity, with a refreshing human tone of voice and simple but effective visual style implemented across our digital channels.

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